Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Smartphone Personality

Artikel terkait : Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Smartphone Personality

Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Smartphone Personality - There are four types of smartphones are currently being loved gadget lovers. Some of them are smartphones based on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

Many novice users who feel confused when choosing the type of smartphone that is suitable for them. Here is a brief review of the above types of smartphones that might be a reference to choose the right smartphone and suit your personality.


Citing Digital Trends page, Tuesday (03/02/2015), the Android smartphone tend to always update technically. Most of the applications available are free, but do not put the privacy and security.

Android smartphone users most geeks possibilities in terms of technology. This smartphone type suitable for use by users who like to tinker with things.


BlackBerry smartphones can be regarded as the best in terms of security. So no wonder, many large companies are using it for work activities. BlackBerry has many useful features, such as PDA features, but does not provide a lot of applications.

BlackBerry users on average are office workers. They like the sense of security and trust that everything has a place and should be put in the right place.

They mostly have a serious character and does not like to play around. But that does not mean they do not have other than the BlackBerry smartphone to the use of non-professional.


Almost all models of the iPhone, which was launched on the market packaged with an elegant design and provide a different application than the others. IPhone users generally prefer social status.

Still according to Digital Trends, iPhone users also like to play, but they want to show off something more. They are even more concerned with the quality and are willing to pay a premium for things she likes.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone is known for its speed and integrated with Windows devices. Windows Phone users are usually more concerned with speed and efficiency.

They do not want to waste time learning the convoluted and do not want to look the same as everyone else. They also give priority to quality, such as the design clean and not boring.

Windows Phone users have a more enjoyable character of BlackBerry users, more independent than iPhone users, and less tolerant of change than Android users

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