What Causes Hair Loss In Women

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What Causes Hair Loss In Women

If you are a woman and are experiencing hair loss, illness or medical conditions can trigger it. Recognize what causes hair loss.

The number of women who are experiencing hair loss and baldness increasingly threatened. In the United States alone an estimated 30 million women experience hair thinning.

Hair loss problem now also affects many young women. But, what exactly is causing the woman's crown is pulled out from the roots? Here are some of the causes and medical conditions that cause it.

- Unbalanced hair growth cycle
Hair grows about half an inch per month. Each hair grows in different phases lasting between 2-6 years. This phase includes the period of growth and rest before the loss and hair follicles to grow new hair strands.

But there are some women who have a genetic factor so they are more prone to hair loss due to abnormal hair growth process. This disorder is caused by the hormone androgen.

- Pregnancy and childbirth
Many women who experience temporary hair loss about 3 months after delivery. This condition is also called telogen effluvium. The hair will return to normal a few months after that.

- Hormonal Disorders
If your thyroid is very active or inactive, the hair will be affected. Usually the hair loss will stop after the thyroid disorder is resolved. Hair will fall out if there is disruption of androgens and estrogens.

- Drugs
Several types of drugs have side effects hair shed. However, these conditions will expire after treatment is stopped. The types of drugs that can cause hair loss include blood thinners, gout medication, chemotherapy drugs, too much vitamin A, contraceptives, and antidepressants.

- Infection
Several types of infections, such as fungal infections of the scalp, it will also cause hair loss in children. With the loss of antifungal drugs can be stopped.

- Autoimmune Diseases
Among other diseases, lupus or diabetes is the cause of hair loss in women. Hair loss can also be a symptom of a disease.

- Poor nutrition
Diet too tight will also cause hair loss. Unfortunately returns to its natural diet is not enough to grow hair, though hair loss can be stopped.

- Emotional Disturbance
Some women experience hair loss when faced with a traumatic or emotional situations. For example, the death of a family member, divorce, or caring for a terminally ill family.

- Menopause
From some of the symptoms of menopause, hair loss is the most common symptom experienced.

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