Photo Exhibition Buttocks Kim Kardashian Not Original

Artikel terkait : Photo Exhibition Buttocks Kim Kardashian Not Original

Photo Exhibition Buttocks Kim Kardashian Not Original - Paper magazine photo editor said the cover photo depicting Kim Kardhasian showing off her ass is not entirely original. "Of course it is also experiencing photo editing with Photoshop," said founder and editor Kim Hastreiter Exhibition at digitalspy.

The cover of the magazine is being raised issues Break the Internet - on the internet and meme parody - it describes Kardhasian in black dress pouring champange which ended in her ass that held the glass. Another version was made, Kardhasian appeared naked.

"Time you think could open a bottle of champagne and make it spurted past the person's head and ended up right in the cup with saucer buttocks someone?" Asked Hastreiter.

Hastreiter said Kim Kardhasian absolutely adore the work of Jean-Paul Goude, the owner of the initial idea of ​​this pose. When they could realize the photo, Hastreiter said it was like a dream, "I have not laughed as wide this time, in fact I think Andy Warhol could also loved the photos of Kim's."

Decision Kim Kardashian posing for magazine paper, many polemical among celebrities. Sisters Kim Kardashian support Kim's decision to be on the cover of this magazine. Even singer Lorde provide support to Kim Kardashian to be a child expressed a desire suppose Kim.

But not so with most others. Kris Humphries, who had been a basketball player husband Kim Kardashian for 72 days said not too concerned because they do not pay attention to what Kim. While the actress Naya Rivera expressed regret over the decision of Kim via Twitter, "Normally I do not care to comment, but you're the mother of a child."

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