Oops! Kristen Stewart dress slipped on stage

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Oops! Kristen Stewart dress slipped on stage

Again fashion disaster again struck a Hollywood actress. This time it was Kristen Stewart, who must be willing to part personal media caught on camera. This is exacerbated by the fact that time, he became a spectacle while on stage.

This embarrassing incident experienced by Christians when he attended the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards. As reported by the Daily Mail, while presenting the award for Julianne Moore, her dress was dropped in front of all the invited guests who attended.

Curious as to what the fashion disaster when the moment this happened? Look at how this embarrassing incident totally unconscious by a former lover Robert Pattinson's. Instead, he continued his duties and looked at the audience with aplomb.

Oops! Kristen Stewart dress slipped on stage

In the portrait, Christian does look confident with her appearance. White dress worn TWILIGHT star is indeed very low, no wonder if the private parts will look when he moves a little.

Turtle-neck tops she wears would be absolutely perfect chest covering Christian. This is obviously because there are so many holes here and there, so do not be surprised if when dropped, it immediately so the spectacle of many people.

Earlier in this Christian event also reunited with Pattinson. If the 24-year-old actress is just appeared on stage with the embarrassing incident, approximately how Pattinson reaction when I see ya?

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