New Trends in Chinese, Voice Changing Operation 

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Voice Changing Operation

Humans are creatures who are always demanding perfection. Not just the physical form, the sound is less palatable any wanted transforms. In China, the operation is now becoming a trend to change the tone of voice.

Operating noise is included in the field of cosmetic surgery. Some clinics in China are now offering this surgery for those who want to change the sound to be more masculine or more feminine. A doctor said he had done this procedure 200 times in the last four years.

Patients who are interested in this procedure are usually those who have had sex-change operations or those whose voices are experiencing a "disability" as a result of an accident or congenital.

One of the patients who have this surgery are Lu Xiang (23). It was during this feel less confident because his voice sounds like a woman with a high tone.

"Over the years friends and colleagues ridicule because of my voice, they call me a sissy. My boyfriend was difficult because the women can consider me less manly," he said.

When puberty, Lu does not sound becomes deeper as well as the other boys. He also often mistaken for women when you call. Not only that, Lu even considered gay because his voice was.

So he was desperate to do surgery to change his tone. The operation was carried out by cutting a segment of cartilage in the larynx (voice box) and injected Botox into the vocal cords.

The vocal cords are attached to the cartilage that is shaped like a horse shoe called the thyroid cartilage. If we cut a little part of it and dropped back, the already short it will make a stiff vocal cords so that the sound will be deeper.

"Injecting Botox will make the vocal cords shorter, flatter, and a voice deeper and masculine," said Alasdair Mace, a plastic surgeon in London.

Botox injections will make muscles stiff, but it was only temporary injection so the patient must repeat the injections every few times.

Mace said that such operations actually have harmful side effects. Among other pneumococcal infections and temporary loss of voice.

"If we are too often weak vocal cords, then this section will not be again united so that the sound will be lost," he said.

The vocal cords are basically useless to protect the lungs from harmful things that enter. Even animals can not speak, too, has the vocal cords.

"Hence, there is a risk of pneumococcal infection if we left him paralyzed. The person who will perform this procedure should know the risk of infection," he said.

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