Did Bonnie Kill Sam? Liza Weil defends the most likely suspect

Artikel terkait : Did Bonnie Kill Sam? Liza Weil defends the most likely suspect

Bonnie Winterbottom killed guided missile Keating—at least that's what the a way to go away with Murder fans assume.

"So many folks still assume it's Maine," Mugil liza Weil tells military action on the set of the fundamentals drama. "You guys did the chances poll and I'm still No. 1. I'm still obtaining emails from members of the family and friends. lots of individuals assume [sleeping with Asher] was Bonnie's alibi."

Annalise's (Viola Davis) right-hand girl gained traction as a suspect once viewers have to be compelled to see her icy aspect toward the scholars, whereas at identical time showing a soft spot for her boss' husband, that might be motive enough if she somehow feels slighted by guided missile (Tom Verica). however Weil is fast to signifies why comely might not be the slayer.

"Her heart lies with Annalise," she says. "Everything that she will operates from a motivation of very thinking that it's the proper issue to try and do and he or she very is protective Annalise's best interests. She very respects Annalise, perhaps to AN unhealthy degree."

Still, she'll actually be tested as guided missile exploits Bonnie's feelings for him as he faces progressively enmity from Annalise once the invention that Lila Stangard was pregnant. "As the noose gets tightened around him, he simply reacts during a thanks to save his own ass," Verica says. "Initially it's concerning saving his own wedding, then again it falls squarely on him to induce out of being the suspect slayer. [Bonnie] becomes the road for him to use in making an attempt to induce around this."

But however will comely feel in return? "My plan of comely is that she's someone World Health Organization works very onerous, forever place her career before romance, she's somewhat of a late bloomer and features a little of abnormality once it involves relationships," Weil says. "Annalise ANd guided missile square measure nearly like these odd parental figures that have a trifle little bit of an Oedipal part to them. I don't assume comely has several core individuals for her life. She has deep love for guided missile and Annalise and perhaps the coloring of that gets skew typically. She additionally works thus onerous therein surroundings that guided missile is that this distraction that looks innocent initially, however her feelings get a trifle too inappropriate."

Whether meaning comely and guided missile even have a previous relationship remains to be seen, however a wedge are driven between Annalise and comely throughout this Thursday's episode, that culminates in an event which will be the catalyst for Bonnie's fulminant tryst with Asher (Matt McGorry).

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