Pakistani Christian Woman Threatened Death Penalty

Artikel terkait : Pakistani Christian Woman Threatened Death Penalty - Punjab - Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan, under sentence of death for coworkers and neighbors had insulted Islam. He is reported to have done a defamation of the Prophet Mohammed after arguing with his neighbors. If Aunt right to be executed, he would become the first woman in Pakistan who received the death penalty under the controversial blasphemy law in the Muslim-majority country.

In 2010, Aunt also got involved in a dispute with neighbors and coworkers. An argument that started because his Aunt prohibit using their glasses because he is not a Muslim.

"Aunt lawyer trying to prove that there was a case of personal enmity, but they fail to prove it," the lawyer said the reporter, Gulam Mustafa, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Lawyer Bibi, Naeem Shakir, said that the woman from the village of Punjab has not returned babble reporting. However, the defense was not proven because Shakir failed to produce witnesses to court. "We would appeal to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a few days," said Shakir.

During the trial run, Bibi took time to write a memoir titled Blasphemy. In the book Aunt wrote, "I drink from a well belonging to a Muslim woman uses glass 'they'. I, Asia Bibi, sentenced to death because I'm thirsty. I became a prisoner of use The same cup as Muslim women because of water taken by Christian women are considered unclean, "wrote Aunt.

Through the book, Aunt explain this incident occurred on June 14, 2009. After he drank from the cup, a woman is angry her. An argument ensued and the crowd of Muslim women increasingly crowded. In the midst of the debate, also defended his religious aunt.

However, it actually makes Aunt increasingly pressured. Five days later, an angry mob came to her house. Aunt admitted beaten until bruised. He asked for forgiveness from the mob, but the mob leader says Aunt only be forgiven if he converted to Islam. Bibi refused these conditions and eventually the case was brought to court.

Human rights groups assess the blasphemy law will be exploited by the religious ekstemis. Those accused are sometimes hung on the scene.

Even if they are arrested, the police and the courts often allow anchoring for years, fearing the victim was attacked by the citizens if released to the public. So far, only one has been executed since Pakistan imposed a de facto moratorium on executions in 2008.

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