Facebook Introduces Key Buy For Sale and Purchase Activity

Artikel terkait : Facebook Introduces Key Buy For Sale and Purchase Activity

Increasingly widespread use of the internet by the presence of social networks, is also seen as a sweet opportunity to ensnare victims.

Facebook is currently testing a new feature for advertising. Through this feature, users can directly purchase items they see on ads in the News Feed.

Facebook hopes this new effort not only can help the seller, but also facilitate the users in finding the products they like and buy it. The process is simple, says Facebook, will make trading activities become more enjoyable.

Rather than directing the user to the seller's website, Facebook wants to remain in the purchasing process network. When the user presses the button 'buy', there will be a third party to take care of the payment. This feature is being tested by a number of businesses Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the United States (USA).

The social networking giant also ensures the privacy and security of user payment transactions. "Facebook is not going to provide debit and credit card information with advertisers. People can choose whether they want to store payment information for subsequent purchases," said Facebook in a blog companies, as reported by Cnet, Friday (18/07/2014).

This new feature comes amid a surge in the use of social media to shop online. Previously, the 'buy' also seem to have emerged on Twitter in June 2014 and launched Amazon shopping features through a tweet on May 2014.

For Facebook itself, the presence of this feature is related to the advertiser. The company said there is no requirement for the results because of its website only as a transaction channel between the consumer and the retailer.

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