Smoking cessation program for pregnant women

Artikel terkait : Smoking cessation program for pregnant women

The Scottish Government issued a report which shows that there are
more pregnant women in the country who are trying to quit smoking.

They say the number of pregnant women who attempt to quit smoking
figure had risen to 8 percent over last year and the number to 2,985.

Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson estimates that factor
better education and also help service the increasing number of women
becoming pregnant cause who wants to quit smoking in Scotland.

He said all pregnant women who are involved in this program will be
offered to undergo carbon monoxide monitoring to deal with the effects
due to exposure to cigarette smoke exposure.

Services help to quit smoking is a part of the Safety Improvement
Program Against Patients who undergo childbirth.

The report said that every woman who were undergoing early pregnancy
and indicated good contact with cigarette smoke exposure as a result
of active or passive smoking he would be offered to undergo this

After receiving the offer was subsequently a midwife will refer them
to smoking cessation services program as well as provide other
additional treatments during pregnancy if necessary.

Make sure the service is running

According to the Ministry of Public Health Scotland, smoking ten or
more cigarettes during pregnancy can increase the risk of death lasts
birth until doubled.

They also said that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome affected
will increase to seven-fold when the mother smoked for more than
twenty days in the pregnancy.

"We currently want to ensure that all pregnant women be offered
testing carbon monoxide when they are in a stage of her pregnancy,"
said Michael Matheson.

He also said that an increase in the numbers shows that women want to
quit smoking during pregnancy has spurred them to improve the health

While the Scottish Government's health adviser, Dr Catherine
Calderwood said women are more motivated to quit smoking while

"Women are more motivated to quit smoking during pregnancy than at any
other time in Scotland but nearly one-fifth of pregnant women was
still continuing smoking," said Dr Catherine Calderwood.

Therefore, he said the intervention of the government to support women
and provide assistance to those who want to quit during labor is
something that is very important.

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