Obama and Romney Attack Each Other

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U.S. President Barack Obama intensified attacks on Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Obama and his camp says Romney not honest about what he said during the debate on Wednesday (10/03/2012).

While Romney was in Florida struck back. Romney says Obama is a loser childish, nervous and directionless for immediate debate in Denver, Colorado. After the debate, Obama is still ahead in the polls, but Romney started manapak approaching the popularity of Obama.

Robert Gibbs, an Obama strategist, said Romney is fundamentally dishonest. "If you want to say anything to get elected as president, a position you need to be clear and do not shy away. I think U.S. citizens should be made to understand that you can be trusted if elected president," Gibbs said.

Obama campaign adviser, David Axelrod, asserted, Romney failed to mention the weakness of Obama rift and failed to make the idea of ​​a right to raise the U.S.. Obama and his team were in Los Angeles on Sunday. Axelrod himself acknowledged Romney excelled in debate.

Romney aggressively attacked. "You've heard the answer and know what he can not answer," said Romney. "Now of course we heard him make excuses and in January 2013 we will see him leave the White House."

Kubu Obama stressed that Romney was not honest about the strategy or how to lift the U.S. economy. It is said, Romney will be hard to fix the U.S. economy because it tends to lower the tax rate. This will only swell the prosperity of wealthy citizens and the U.S. government budget deficit, which requires revenue sources.

Obama fails to hit back at Romney during the debate. But Romney can not convince people that he would not like the Republican presidential predecessors who have traditionally supported large enterprises, building up debt, the cause of the U.S. debt.

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