Actress Sylvia Kristel star of Emmanuelle dies

Artikel terkait : Actress Sylvia Kristel star of Emmanuelle dies

Actress Silvia Kristel (60) died on Thursday after a long fight against cancer.

Kristel is best known through the film "Emmanuelle" which became a symbol of the sexual revolution in the West 70s.

"He died at night during sleep," said his agent, Marieke Verharen told AFP. Kristel was in a hospital in Amsterdam since July after suffering a stroke.

Name Kristel soared after starring in his first film, "Emmanuelle" in 1974. At that time he was 22 years old.

The film made in France was followed by "Emmanuelle 2" (1975), "Goodbye Emmanuelle" (1977) and "Emmanuelle 4" in 1984, it also starring Kristel.

Kristel starred in many erotic films, and he confessed to the 80's decade in films just to get money for his habit addicted to heroin.

"I'm just dumb actress, just the body. Impiani I present only in-dream," he wrote in his autobiography titled "Naked" (2006). Kristel long struggle against addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Sylvia Kristel was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, from young couple who owned the boardinghouse not far from the train station. He writes in his book that as a child was sexually abused from the hotel manager.

Kristel start a modeling career at age 17 and won the title "Miss TV Europe" in 1973. Kristel also played in a non-erotic films but the sequel-sequel to "Emmanuelle" he had already signed a contract to play for long.

In old age, he earned painting on the grounds that a therapeutic activity. In a television interview, he said he had left the alcohol dependence but "would not refuse a glass of expensive champagne".

Kristel was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 2002 and he underwent a series of chemotherapy. He was also suffering from liver cancer.

Kristel agent would not specify whether the actress died at home or in hospital. His funeral will take place only for the family and close relatives.

"I have no great expectations about life after death, I already know how the name suffered," he said.

"If the thought of death arrives, usually the thought was' I've done but there should not be just that," said Kristel in an interview with Dutch newspaper publications, Volkskrant in 2005.


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