Hair Color Trend 2012 is more popular

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hair color 2012 | color what else this trend in 2012? You Curious. .. and certainly do not want to miss the trend of current hair color models, continue to see postings Zone I this time, guaranteed you will not miss the latest info hair color models, cekidot ..

According to hair expert Rudi Hadisuwarno at the Hair Show which will determine the popular hair
trend in 2012 is a short haircut with a stylized shell and extreme color gray hair and will become
hits in this year of the dragon. Trend of extreme short haircuts are applied with the same
technique for women & men. Only difference in the hairdressing course. Hadisuwarno Rudi also said
that if the last year much use red, reddish brown, or copper brown, this time a lot of gray color.
The bottom line is extremely impressive hair look elegant.

Additional Tips: Before using hair dye for women should be considered with caution because if not,
can make even the appearance is not good or even look bad.

For you guys, especially the women who always update or follow foreign fashion dg certainly not the latest hair color trends are always changing in each year. But remember do not let one select hair color entar even look tacky.

So, what are the things which you should consider before deciding to use hair color? Here are the important things which you should consider:

Hair Color 2012
A. Dg customized your skin color. Do not let one choose the color or the skin you have to Match
for example:
- For the skin brown / olive color matching with brown hair, blonde, and red wine.
And the need to avoid the color of gold, bronze / white because gray pallor will give effect.
- For
those of you who were white, gold could use hair color to make you look more glamorous, and
dark brown hair color in order to further clarify your whites [New Hair Color Trend 2012]

2. Adapted to model the hair. Hair Color 2012 - Adapter with the haircut felt necessary to create
a better effect, for example if you have curly hair, short & more great thing whites prefer dark
brown hair color. short hair have also highlighted just avoid the question of the hair color does
not change the appearance. But for you who have long hair you can Highlight facial hair area or
choose the color of your hair color as a whole.

3. Your hair type
Determination of hair color to see what kind of hair you are also very important, for the hair type is oily, dry or normal hair color is kind of supposed to be distinguished. Eg for oily hair do not choose a bright hair color, because if not regularly will make a tidy look dull.

4. The selection of hair coloring ingredients in hair color is usually done at a salon, but if you do
own hair coloring hair dye Choose quality materials and means to ensure security for hair health.
Do not get cheap materials.

That's about 2012 hair color trends and tips on choosing a hair color may be useful, good luck hopefully you can change the appearance of a more stylish and better.

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