Hair color: Ideas for Long Hair

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Although it appears charming and beautiful, long hair tend to be boring and monotonous after a while. So, you might want to try some interesting ideas in a change of hair color for the hair to add length to your style.

Good Idea for Long Hair Coloring

In principle, the contrasting colors look good on a long wavy hairstyle. If you have a cool skin tone, hair color consider the dark shades of gray or beige.

For those of you who have skin the color of dark brown or gray eye color brown to blue-black attempt at long hair coloring. Try the strawberry dark color if you have green eyes.

Another hair color ideas for beautiful long hair is a versatile two-tone effect. For this, you must expand your color palette to get a perfect two-color staining in the hair. Here you can choose lighter colors on the front to brighten your face.

If it suits your skin, you can try the lines of dark brown and dark red. Or, you could add a splash of dark purple with a dark brown to create a bold yet charming.

Secret in choosing the right hair color is to choose colors that match the base hair color, but also according to the skin and eye color. In addition, you may prefer to paint on certain lines only and not color the entire length of hair, unless you are prepared for the maintenance and care required.

If you have an obsession for hair styling and a bold, funky, try some unique ideas for long hair hair color. For example, you can show off with blonde highlights with brown and black edges to create an asymmetric cut layers to make it look dramatic. Consider the color pink, purple, blue and other colors are fun too.

Although the best idea to get a color that matches your hair is colored by a professional. But you can try coloring your own hair at home using hair coloring kits are available in the market. These packages are usually available in an easy to follow instructions. You also can ask any of your friends to ask for help. Now that you have to know how to explore the color of the hair to long hair, why not try to continue to find trendy

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