Andy Murray, from tragedy to cry

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Age palefaces Andy Murray was 18 years old when his Wimbledon debut in 2005.

At the time he reached the last three in which he gave a surprise to Argentina's David Nalbandian's runner up in 2002, after winning the first two sets, before then turning lost five sets.

But the first question posed to him at a news conference after he lost to Roger Federer last night, away from the arena Wimbledon had just failed dimenanginya it.

The questioner wanted to know the memories of the school in the town of Murray Dunblane, Scotland, in 1996 when an armed man named Thomas Hamilton killed 16 students and teachers at his school that were a man.

Andy Murray was the new age of eight years, while his brother, Jamie, who is also a professional tennis player, was 10 years old.

He escaped tragedy after hiding under the table the principal.

"Some of my friends brother was killed. I can only remember some of the memories of that day, as the atmosphere in music class," Andy Murray wrote in his autobiography, Hitting Back.

"The strange thing is we know Hamilton. He previously was in my mom's car. It is strange considering there is a murderer in your car, sitting side by side with your mother.

"That's probably the reason why I do not want to look back again. It is not convenient to remember there is someone we know from the Boys Club.

"We usually go along to the club and play. When he found out who the killer is not it make sense to me."

By childhood trauma like that, is not surprising that Murray is now 25 years old and had just failed to become the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936, became a hard to read his personality.

It's OK to have 20 million pounds, the result of her tennis career, but Andy Murray stingy smile. Ironically, his friends knew him as the carpenter joke.

Sometimes words are just backfire making people angry.

Ahead of World Cup 2006, he was asked who is dijagoinya, and he replied, "Nothing, except the UK".

And the angry people of Scotland. He was accused of being unpatriotic and unsportsmanlike.

After beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semifinals at Wimbledon to become the first British man to reach the final of this tournament since Bunny Austin in 1938, a reporter who asked the question nyeleneh.

Questioner: "I just received a call from Bunny Austin that he was relieved that next year there will be no longer wants to talk to him. Do you think Fred Perry can not talk again next year? On Sunday night, do you think Fred Perry will bless your victory ? "
Murray: "He's dead. I do not know."

Questioner: "From up there he will bless you."
Murray: "Uhm, well, it could be, I hope so."

But at the end of his defeat last Sunday night, Murray melted hearts when she fell into tears after losing to Roger Federer.

His mother Judy and girlfriend Kim Sears also cry at the cold face of Andy leaving Centre Court with the title hero, although he lost

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