Serena Williams won fifth Wimbledon

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Serena Williams won Wimbledon in 2012 after beating Agnieszka Radwanska Poland, the first time to reach the final Grand Slam.

With the victory, the United States tennis player is already won five Wimbledon Cup titles and 14 Grand Slam.

The match between Serena against the 30-year-old Radwanska, 23 years old, attractive place to go after chasing points in the first set although Serena won easily 6-1.

Serena had seemed to play a bit under pressure let alone most of the audience are likely to support Radwanska and he lost 5-7.

But in the third round, Serena regained control of the game and won two break points, or score a point when your opponent's serve to lead 5-2, before the win 6-2.

"I can not describe it. A few years ago I could hardly compete. I was in the hospital and now saua be here again and this is very valuable," he told the audience in an interview after the match.

He could not stop crying when thanking his family who watched the game.

"Do not ever attack to. Thanks to who was in the stands today, the father, mother and I do not menyebukan one by one but thank you from my heart."

After defeating Radwanska, she immediately ran into the stands to hug his father, Richard Wiilliams, and her mother and brother.
Radwanska shaking

In both of before the final two games of 2012, Serena always win over Radwanska, and the last time was a quarter-final at Wimbledon 2008.

Meanwhile Radwanska mennjawab looked back tears and a trembling voice as a champion of the second when first interviewed in the middle of the field.

"I am still very shaky. I think I had two best weeks of my life," he stammered.

"He's too good today but I am happy to be in the finals. In my opinion this is not my day, but I'll try again next year."

Radwanska is the women's singles tennis player from Poland who first reached the final since 1937.

Although that of Serena, Wimbledon junior champion 2005 appearance was dazzling the spectators and observers, including Serena Williams, who asked the audience to give applause once again to Radwanska.
Had an easy win

In the first round, Serena Williams is facing a big problem and beat Radwanska in 35 minutes.

Although some times make mistakes that do not need to give numbers to Radwanska, Serena seemed to pull the game from the start.

He won five straight points in the first set and Radwanska could only break 'egg' Serena close first set to the position of a landslide, 6-1.

Radwanska managed to deliver lethal blows to the placement cross the difficult but still not enough to beat Serena.

Several times Radwanska seemed unable to catch or deflect the ball toss Serena service is fast and hard.

Before the game, players are not so Poland held a conference because it had a cough and there are suggestions that he is still not fully recovered to down play.
Increased in the second set

The match was suspended because of rain when the first set ended with the victory Serena.

Entering the second set, Radwanska improve his game with rapidly and provide a balanced resistance.

He leveled 1-1, but then left it to 3-1 before Serena managed to minimize the position Radwanska 3-2.

In addition to placing the balls difficult to short, Radwanska also seem to be more careful so as to win in some long-ball game.

After standing 4-2, Radwanska's serve again and the gap to 4-3 defeat.

He then even an equalizer for a 4-4 over break point and for the first time to lead 5-4 in the second set and maintain it to 6-5.

While improved performance over Radwanska, Serena looked more wrong, and the last round, Radwanska back to a break point to win the second set with the numbers 7-5

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