CNN's Anderson Cooper Gay Express Himself

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Anderson Cooper, popular newscasters and journalists from CNN, stated publicly that he had been a homosexual or gay. Even he expressed his pride as a gay.

"The fact is, I'm gay, have been gay, and will always be gay. And I would not be more happy and feel good than to be myself, and proud," said 45-year-old news anchor it in an email to the journalist Andrew Sullivan who later published in the online newspaper The Daily Beast.

In a letter later published in the blog section of "The Dish" in the online newspaper, Cooper said, he revealed the identity of their sexual orientation is not to cause misunderstanding that he was trying to hide something, and he wanted to stand up against bullying that have been experienced by the gay community.

Cooper is known as a reliable journalist who frequent visitor to the battlefield, including to countries where homosexuality was illegal or even threatened with severe punishment. On the CNN show he has his own eyes, that Anderson Cooper (AC) 360 and Anderson talk parenting talk show.

According to Reuters, sexual orientation Cooper has been widely known among journalists. But this was the Cooper stated openly about their sexual orientation.

New York socialite's son, Gloria Vanderbilt, was admitted political views, religious, and the love life of a journalist is something that can not be discussed in public. However, he said, he was compelled to disclose their sexual orientation.

"In a perfect world, I think it's of no concern to the people. But I believe there is value to come forward publicly," said Cooper.

"For a journalist show honesty and fairness in his work, his personal life should not be a problem," he said. (Reuters / AFP / AP / BBC / CNN)

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