Leave Vanessa, dating johnny Depp, Amber Heard

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After 14 years together,
the relationships between the actors
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
finally have run aground in the middle
of the road. That said, Depp leaves
Vanessa was out of boredom. The proof, he is now dating her new
boyfriend is very young and pretty
actress, Amber Heard.

The breakdown Vannessa Paradis
Johnny Depp and after a dozen years
of living together is shocking for
many. Is there a third person in their relationship. The answer, is rumored to exist, but that's because Depp was bored with

That recall, the film stars 'Dark Shadow' is claimed are getting bored and 'suffering' life with
Vanessa. So, Johnny decides to do with Vanessa because it does not feel the vibrations of
love again.

"Johnny did not want any more with Vanessa. Their relationship has been stretched, and
she wanted to be free and try new things," said the source tells Radar Online, Friday (22/6).

The source added that as long as Johnny Vannesa related to having two children actually
want to break up since a year ago. 49-year-old actor was Vanessa deserve a better man of

"Johnny can not hide the news of her break, but after appearing in public he felt more
comfortable with the situation," he said.

So, Johnny is now reportedly close to a young actress Amber Heard. 26-year-old actress
was rumored to be 'regulars' to Depp filming location called 'The Lone Ranger'.

According to the Globe magazine reported on Friday (22/6), Amber Depp even bought a
horse to ride along while filming break. Both are also rumored to take a trip to Las Vegas
on a private plane.

Amber Heard is known bisexual, Johnny first met when they filmed 'The Rum Diary'. From
there the alleged emergence of the seeds of love between them. Meanwhile, Depp and
Paradis reportedly been trying to save their relationship. But to no avail. Therefore, after
the break up of Depp, Paradis reportedly returned to France with her children. dtc

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