Why Not Hot Coffee Delicious

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Jakarta - Many coffee drinkers consider steaming hot coffee is a
delicious liquid. They also assess refreshing iced coffee. Surprisingly,
coffee outside temperature extremes that just is not good for
mereka.Mengapa coffee with room temperature or warm it feels
uncomfortable? A number of biologists believe the answer lies in
the influence of temperature on food taste and minuman.

one considers the theory of lukewarm coffee is not bad because the
cavemen did not have a refrigerator. What is the relationship
between coffee and the cave man? According to Karel Talavera of
the Laboratory of Ion Channel Research in Cuba, biological
processes, such as our sensory systems, tend to be designed by
evolution to work most effectively at temperatures commonly rasakan.

Talavera we learn that the taste receptors in taste buds in
our tongue respond to molecules on various temperature. He found
that certain taste receptor molecules is very sensitive to foods that
are 20-35 degrees Celsius temperature, the molecules at room
temperature or slightly above it. Taste receptor molecule does not
record that is too hot or colder than the temperature range, so we do not feel it. "There is a phenomenon that we can not explain, but
it agrees with the fact that the perception of decreased ability to
think above a certain temperature," said Talavera .

In theory, the
coffee hot with temperatures around 76 degrees Celsius may not be
too bitter coffee than room temperature (23 degrees Celsius)
because of our bitter taste receptors less sensitive to bitter molecules when the molecules of coffee was hot. "Our ancestors did
not eat at temperature extremes, "he said. Their diet generally
consists of fresh berries and wild game meat is 20-37 degrees Celsius
temperature. Because of hot coffee or iced coffee is beyond the
maximum limit of sense of taste, taste bud on our tongue does not
feel the bitterness of other states sebenarnya.Teori coffee hot coffee taste as good as the aroma pleasant.

"The smell greatly affect the
taste of coffee," said Paul Breslin, an experimental psychologist at
Rutgers University.Namun there is one more theory that could
explain why the hot coffee was delicious. It holds the heat of the
coffee can distract us from the strong taste. "You do not think
about the bitter or sweet coffee when the coffee was hot or cold. Hot coffee might encourage you to think about the temperature,
distract you from the bitter taste," said Breslin.TJANDRA GODDESS |

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