Ultrabook First with Built-In 3G

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 has been outstanding from a year ago, long
before the genre laptop ultrabook epidemic. At that time, the idea
of ​​carrying a notebook that is thin and light as if to challenge
Apple's MacBook.

Now, when a wave ultrabook began flooding
the market, Lenovo introduced its latest generation ThinkPad X1.
His name ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Chinese companies are deliberately pinned on ultrabook Carbon said that because the body is made of
layers of carbon fiber.

Until now, there were only two types of
laptops that use carbon fiber as a backing material. Other portable
computer that also uses carbon fiber is LuvBook X. This laptop was
launched in late April by Mouse Computer, a Japanese computer

"ThinkPad X1 Carbon is made from premium materials that make it very thin and lightweight, but durable as well," said Lu
Yan, Senior Vice President of Think Product Group, Lenovo, when it
released the ThinkPad X1 Carbon in New York, United States, in mid-
May .

According to Yan, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon segment targeting
professionals who want a notebook with the highest levels of
performance, but also can perform the function of entertainment and mobility and has a captivating design. Laptops are black plated
this plan would be thrown into the market in June to August this
year with prices above U.S. $ 1.000.DESAINSeperti said Yan, a
material made of carbon fiber Carbon Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is so thin
and light for a laptop with a screen size of 14 inches wide.

Only 18.8
millimeters thick with a weight of 1.35 pounds. This form is thinner and lighter than previous editions. At the bottom, Lenovo made a
sharp slope that looks sharp. KEYBOARD Just like its predecessor,
the evolution of the ThinkPad notebook X1 is still maintaining
Model backlit chiclet keyboard.

To navigate, there are two ways
you can run, namely through the track point, the keys sticking out
between the letters G, H, V, and B, and the board trackpad. Board design was also made a unique touch. Lenovo makes it like a mouse
to click commands can be done at the top, not below the trackpad
on a laptop like the most.

Between left and right click trackpad
there is a fingerprint scanner for added security feature.
PERFORMANCE As ultrabook genre, certainly in the Lenovo ThinkPad
X1 Carbon Intel central processing unit residing third-generation Ivy Bridge.

Unfortunately, it is unclear what model of chip used,
whether the Core i3, i5, or i7. Meanwhile, for the type of hard disk,
this notebook is expected to use solid state drive (SSD) with
internal storage capacity of 128 or 256 gigabytes. Lenovo Rapid
Charge technology to immerse the battery in this laptop can be
filled to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. Connectivity One thing that did not exist at all ultrabook current models is the ability to
connect to the Internet, ie not only via modem, LAN, but also Wi-Fi.
Carbon on the ThinkPad X1, Lenovo provides mobile broadband
connection to the network directly alias built-in 3G. Only, it is
unclear where the subscriber identity module card (SIM) can be

SCREEN If you are using a screen ultrabook most technologi cally In-Plane Switching (IPS), which is considered to be
more clear and sharp, this Lenovo laptop is still wearing the type
liquid crystal display screen with backlit light-emiting diode.
Resolution on the screen is 14 inches wide by 1.600x900 pixels with
300 nits brightness. CNET | PC MAG | ULTRABOOKNEWS |

Prosesor: Ivy Bridge Intel Core 3rd Generation Graphics card: Intel HD 4000

Total RAM: 4 GB
system: Windows 7
screen: 14 inches (1.600x900 pixels)

Type of display: LED-Backlit LCD

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G option Ports: DC-in jack microphone / headphone 3.5mm, Mini DisplayPort,
SDHC Card Slot, USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0

Thickness: 18.8 mm

Weight: 1.35 kg

Availability: June-August 2012

Price: Above U.S. $ 1,000

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