Suddenly an enemy Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Artikel terkait : Suddenly an enemy Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

California - Sales Facebook IPO (initial public offering or IPO) market
has surprised Wall Street, United States. Many people reap profits
from the sale of these shares. Not just Mark Zuckerberg, founder of
Facebook, and people nearby who suddenly UNCLE HUSSAIN. In
fact, the "enemies" had become milyuner.Salah Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg is an enemy of the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and Narendra Dyvva. The three were accused sued Zuckerberg and
Facebook is plagiarism of their work. Three people were indeed
friends Zuckerberg while studying at Harvard University. Tyler and
Cameron Winklevoss had hired Zuckerberg to create a site
matchmaking at Harvard. As Narendra was the one who helped
create the site Facemash Zuckerberg at Harvard. This is a site that compares the faces of people who went there and selected online
by mahasiswa.Mereka three after suing to get some shares of
Facebook. Narendra, now aged 30 years, and have a stake in
Facebook for U.S. $ 300 million (USD 2.7 trillion). Tyler and Cameron
Winklevoss had a stock worth hundreds of millions of dollars but
never mentioned how much. They both now appear as a pistachio nut commercials in the United States. Narendra now became Executif
Chief Officer of an online investment firm, SumZero. Similarly, Tyler
and Cameron Winklevoss is also in charge of a company's stock
investasi.Penjualan Facebook has catapulted many other ordinary
people. A share of stock prices up last Friday at U.S. $ 38.23. The
price was above the issue price of U.S. 38. Ing income most surely Mark Zuckerberg, its founder. 28-year-old man has an estimated
wealth of Facebook shares worth U.S. $ 20.3 billion (approximately
USD 182.7 billion). People who buy shares are now up in the early
stages such as "flooded" the money. The dentist father, for
example, now has a stake worth U.S. $ 76 million (USD 684 billion). If
the cost of ordinary people get rich quick like that, do not ask Bono earned wealth funds that invest U.S. $ 1 billion in the year earlier.
Bono via Elevation Partners.Karyawan inject investment-Facebook
employees were also sprayed a profit from the sale of this IPO.
According to research firm Equilar Inc.. to an employee of Facebook,
Mark Zuckerberg but, got shares worth U.S. $ 4.9 million (USD 44.1
billion). This amount is greater than all the shares owned by Google employees who reach U.S. $ 263 thousand (USD 2.36 billion) at the
end of 2011.

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