Monster Fish of mystery "Frankenstein"

Artikel terkait : Monster Fish of mystery "Frankenstein"

Angler fish story about the difficulty usually interesting catches. This time there is an unusual
specimen in Cambridge, England. Mark Sawyer, 53 odd years of fishing in the lake. At first glance,
this fish is similar ikas chef mas. But, having seen his body parts closely resemble the different fish.
The head of roach-like fish that is often found in British waters. Body and tail like a goldfish. Similar
front fins of freshwater fish.

This is what makes these mysterious fish dubbed "Frankenstein fish",
such as the fictional story of scientists who make a monster with a human organ meggabungkan. If you are afraid to be deceived hoax, a good reputation as a journalist Sawyer Angling Times can
be considered. The experts who have seen "fish Frankenstein" creature of this agreement is similar
to some species.

This fish weighs under 1 kg lighter. This strange animal was lured in Cambridge,
England earlier this month. "It's very strange," Sawyer said as quoted by the Daily Mail. "His head
looks like roach, but the lips are different. He was like a normal goldfish. But analnya fins
reminiscent of freshwater fish. Tail like a fan tail gold chef," he added. After photographing this anomaly, the fish was returned to Lake Magpie, Cambridge, England. "I have shown this picture to
some marine experts.

They confirmed this half-breed," says Sawyer. Fisheries ecologist, Dr. Paul
Garner says, "His head looks more like a mas. However, the rear end of the tail fin and a longer fan
like goldfish. Chef goldfish and carp from the same family. Still have the odd combination of a fish.

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